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HARTING develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery, or for power and data application in factories. Our products are used in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.

Markets and Applications

  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Various manufacturing machines e.g. machine tools, machinery for plastic processing, metal and wood processing machinery, food & beverage processing and packaging machines.

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • HARTING, Inc. supplies connectivity solutions to multiple segments that support the overall IT industry. The segments HARTING supplies to include: semiconductor equipment and machinery manufacturers, power supply manufacturers, and producers of high end data storage and server systems

  • Factory Automation
  • HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of factory automation and especially automotive manufacturing. Robotics, machine tools, material handling, conveyors, painting, engine building, and body assembly all take advantage from the robust and reliable Han connector family. The HAN connector family includes multi-pin connectors with robust, high-density inserts to 216 pins, modular connectors that allow a combination of power, signal, coax, ethernet, pneumatic and fiber-optic contacts in a single connector, and high current contacts to 650 amps. HAN connectors meet world wide approvals such as ODVA, PTO and others

  • Transportation - Rail
  • HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of transit and freight train construction. Many US rail authorities, consultants, railcar manufacturers and system suppliers have come to rely on HARTING Han connectors for adding integrity and cost savings to their electrical systems.

    The trend towards the modular construction of trains lends itself to the time and space saving benefit of connectors. From milliampere communication signals to main propulsion high amperage applications, Han connectors solve many inter-connect problems for train manufacturers.

  • Medical
  • The demands made on technologies employed in the health care sector have always been extremely high. And for good reasons: the health and indeed the lives of many individuals depend critically on the safety and reliability of the technologies at work in medical engineering. Therefore quality takes top priority at the HARTING Technology Group.

    The 3D-MID technology is one of HARTING’s solutions for secure and reliable connection in a medical area.

    3D-MID Technology in medical environment

    HARTING AG Mitronics is a renowned specialist in the area of 3D-MID technologies and a reliable partner for demanding technological applications. As proven experts in 3D-MID technologies in the field of medical technology we offer the entire value creation chain, from the development stage all the way through to the volume production of product specific solutions. We contribute our capabilities early in the project development phase to integrate our technologies in a manner that will deliver the greatest possible customer benefits.

    Drawing on advanced 3D-MID technologies, electronic and mechanical capabilities and functions can be combined in components in a unique manner, thereby offering the benefits of a genuine 3D structure and its functionalities. The realization of advanced multifunctional packages for MEMS and sensor technology in medical engineering are salient examples. For complicated assembly operations on a highly miniaturized scale, 3D-MID technology is now capable of integrating functions, eliminating assembly steps and enhancing the quality of components. At the same time, overall costs are reduced in the process.

    Quality takes top priority at the HARTING Technology Group. Consequently, we retain all core processes in-house. In this way, we are able to offer a comprehensively qualified manufacturing program that fully meets all the relevant demands of clients active in medical engineering.

    If 3D-MID technology is not what you are looking for, please have a look on ourfurther solutions.

  • Energy
  • Energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources, also energy transmission and distribution

  • Broadcast & Entertainment
  • Applications for the entertainment industry – whether live events or recorded productions, enabling the complete multimedia experience.

  • Indoor/Outdoor LED Monitors
  • HARTING enables fast, reliable and simple LED Display install.

  • Telecommunication
  • Infrastructure for mobile telecommunication and high-speed data transmission.

    Product lines

  • Standard & Modular Inserts For Industrial Connectors
  • HARTING Han® Industrial Connectors are suited for the harshest requirements in industrial environments. They are used in all applications requiring a safe and removable electrical connection. The field of application for HARTING connectors is in protected electrical areas; for example in control cabinets to outdoor applications. The Han® Industrial product line incorporates small connectors capable of a few amps up to large multi-way high power connections. The possible combination of connectors is large enabling sensitive signals of a few milli-volts, as used in the field of Gigabit transmissions, up to 600 Amps or 5000 Volts for high power applications. The Han-Modular® connector range is flexible enough to have a single piece design or multi-modules locked together in a single frame. These modules are standard and can accommodate, signal, and power circuits along with fiber optic or compressed air lines in a single connector. Each style can be protected to comply with shielding requirements.

    Communication Solutions

  • Field Attachable Solutions
  • HARTING RJ Industrial® 10G
  • HARTING’s Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
  • har-port Service Interfaces for Ethernet and USB
  • PushPull Connectors
  • Han® M8/ Han® M12 Circular Connectors
    HARTING Current Sensors

    The new current sensors from HARTING have a robust design, making them ideal in harsh conditions for markets such as rail technology and renewal energy. Rapid, accurate current measurement is required for the precise regulation of power semiconductor systems such as frequency converters, USV systems and welding plant. The new current sensors from HARTING have been designed with these specific environments in mind – in close consultation with customers. They offer high levels of measurement accuracy and interference immunity.

    The current sensor product family is based on the proven and tested Hall effect and, galvanically isolated, measures the current via the magnetic field of the conductor. This uses two principles of measurement: compensation current sensors are available for demanding measurement tasks. If there is less demand for accuracy, open-loop current sensors can be used.

    The new current sensors from HARTING have a robust design, making them ideal in harsh conditions for markets such as rail technology and renewal energy. They are also highly immune to interference where external magnetic fields are concerned. A further benefit for developers is that it is easy to build the sensors into existing applications, as they have totally standard footprint and installation measurements. The appropriate connection technology and pre-assembled signal cables enable cost-effective and secure assembly. Mating connectors and cables are no longer manufactured separately, reducing the overall number of parts required.

    Ha-VIS RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) System Components

    HARTING offers smart infrastructure solutions comprising optimally coordinated components from a single source. These solutions enable the dependable control of production, a reliable framework for business processes and generally reduced process costs.

    Real time information and close synchronization of the virtual data world with the real process world are crucial factors in process management and process optimization.Information constitutes the basis for decisions. Missing information is detrimental here, and information that is present in the company but that remains hidden due to incompatible and impermeable infrastructures is even more harmful, as it costs money without returning the full benefits.

    Ethernet Switches

    In addition to offering full lines of electrical and electronic connectors, HARTING offers a full line of industrial Ethernet products. This full line capability translates to one-stop shopping for Ethernet: wire, connectors, connector-cables, patch-cords, outlet boxes, hubs, and switches. HARTING's Ethernet switches are available as unmanaged, semi-managed, and managed types, and are rated accordingly for factory floor, through the cabinet, and inside the cabinet use.
    Ha-VIS eCon (unmanaged)
    Ha-VIS sCon (configurable)
    Ha-VIS mCon (managed)
    Ha-VIS Fast Track Switching
    Board Level Connectivity
    Hard Metric connectors har-bus® HM (2.00mm)
    DIN 41 612 Connectors
    har-flex® Connectors
    Mini Coax Connectors
    TCA Connectors
    Board-to-Board Connectors Incl. Tools and Accessories
    I/O Connectors incl. Tools and Accessories
    SEK/ IDC Connectors
    har-mik® Connectors
    Subminiature D Connectors
    har-link® Connectors