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With six product lines, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology: Best connections from the sensor to the controller. From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors to the wireless Ethernet, Phoenix Contact provides innovations which do more than our customers expect.

Industrial Connection Technology Clipline

From high-quality standard modular terminal blocks to sector-specific connecting terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact has the ideal solution for any of your requirements. Irrespective of whether you decide on screw connection, spring-cage technology, leg spring connection or QUICKON fast connection method.

For all connection methods, connecting elements are available in different versions, such as feed-through terminal blocks, double level terminal blocks, component terminal blocks, etc. Innovative connection methods for feed-throughs and the transformer connection round off the range.

  • Wiring Channels
  • Wire making for conductor diameters of 1.3 to 16 mm
  • Components for 1,000 V DC applications in photovoltaic systems
  • Space-saving and compact potential distribution with spring-cage hybrid terminal blocks
  • Installation and neutral disconnect terminal blocks with screw connection up to 35 mm² for installation distributors
  • Angled double-level knife disconnect and component terminal blocks STTBS
  • Marking System
  • ST - Combi
  • Installation terminal block in DT direct connection system
Industrial Connectors

Industrial Connectors Pluscon

For you as a plant or device manufacturer, the challenge is how to save even more time and money during installation. Regardless of how you design your plant concept, Phoenix Contact offers you a comprehensive, universal and innovative range of industrial plug connectors for the IP6X world - with the option of EMC shielding as well.

As a specialist for industrial plug connections, we are now one of the leading companies in the industry, with a comprehensive knowledge of the market and a uniquely wide range of products.

  • D Series Terminal adapters with new properties
  • Sensor / Actuator box with rear litz connection
  • Ethernet / Profinet lines pluggable throught the control cabinet panel
  • Panel feed throughs with Quick on fast connection technology for AS-Interface flat ribbon conductors
  • New M12 Y distributor with assembled cable
  • M12 spring - cage connector with speedcon quick locking.
Industrial Connectors

Device Connection Technology Combicon

When it is a matter of designing your PCB connection in an efficient, service-friendly and clear manner, the PCB terminal blocks and COMBICON connectors from Phoenix Contact are the first choice. Regardless of whether you need a fast, space-saving wiring solution for MCR technology or whether you want to apply high currents to the PCB - Phoenix Contact has the greatest range of PCB connection technology on offer.
With the screw connection proven in industrial use, the installation-friendly spring cage or the QUICKON fast connection technology, all wiring requirements are covered in a versatile manner.

Phoenix Contact provides an extremely comprehensive range of electronic housings for the DIN rail Modular housing types with a carefully graded variety of designs and integrated connection method turn your electronics into a perfect product for the market.

  • Spring cage PCB Terminal block in the IC Format
  • PLH 16 - The first higher rated PCB terminal block with lever
  • ME and ME MAX component housings allow combined use of terminal blocks with 3.5 and 5.0 mm pitch
  • Space saving signal distribution
  • A PC terminal block sets new standards - Straight onto the PCB with 125 A
  • Combicon THR - Through hole reflow pin strips for the reflow process
Device Connection

Power and Signal Quality

Increasing market challenges are forcing companies to achieve 100% performance 24 hours/day.

Phoenix Contact offers extensive solutions for high power and signal quality with the TRABTECH product range and thus makes an important contribution to interference-free work processes in all sectors.

  • Surge Protection for wind powered systems
  • Floating surge protection for photovolatic systems
  • LINETRAB - the new surge protection devices for up to four MCR signals on a design width of only 6.2 mm
  • SURGETRAB - screw-on modules for sensor heads for use in the Ex area
  • TERMITRAB - multi-stage modular terminal block with surge protection and knife disconnection
  • Combination RCD: Simultaneous protection of persons and devices
  • Lightning current and surge arrester combination with KEMA and UL approval
  • PLUGTRAB PT - Solution-oriented surge protection
Power and Signal Quality

Interface Signal Converters

Countless demands are placed on INTERFACE technology in the world of automation. Digital, analog, serial, and power signals have to be converted, switched, isolated, conditioned, amplified, connected, and supplied.

The INTERFACE product range offers nearly everything for signal conditioning and for the control system. Here you can find relays, optocouplers, power supply units, PLC system cabling, signal converters for all common bus systems, fiber optic cables and analog signals, signal converters for the Ex area, monitoring modules, etc.

  • Efficient remote monitoring - worldwide access to industrial PCs in machines and systems
  • Operating industrial PCs in a fail-safe manner
  • SMS relay for simple monitoring, alarm generation and remote switching via the GSM mobile network
  • Universal analog isolating transducer with a passive signal output
  • INTERFACE safety relays - Plug & Play in safety engineering
  • The Power Professionals for use worldwide
Signal Converters

Automation Systems

AUTOMATIONWORX is an open, flexible, modular and scalable communication platform, with which you can lower your engineering costs and produce faster and more efficiently at the same time.

How? By combining all hard and software components to suit the requirements to form a highly-productive overall application, and these being optimally integrated in the company-wide infrastructure. Data is exchanged seamlessly via proven, international communication standards.

  • Wireless Simulation Tool now available in version 2
  • Immediate recognition of machine statuses
  • 8-port Standard Function Switch for industrial application
  • Analog all-round talents - The new Inline Block I/O modules
  • Embedded controllers - Communicative intelligence by Phoenix Contact
Automation Systems